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Sword Art Online DUB, enduring the Bleach Bount Arc and other rambles…


After what seems like…quarter of a year or so…Sword Art Online is finally getting dubbed, and aired on the American Toonami channel. Unfortunately, I don’t get that channel where I live, so I won’t see it aired on TV. I will however, be checking it out online.

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An Obsession with Itou Junji’s Works…

Ever heard of a guy called Suehiro Maruo? Maybe I’ll get round to reviewing it sometime, but he’s the guy responsible for Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show/ Midori. Both are excellent and disturbing works…


Probably the best word to describe the works of Itou Junji, a famous manga-ka renowned for his intensely disturbing yet somehow beautiful imagery. He was the one who brought us Uzumaki (Spiral) and also the manga Tomie, both of which were adapted into film franchises.


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Sailor Moon Episode #45 made me cry…

WARNING: The following post contains MAJOR spoilers for the Sailor Moon anime. If you haven’t seen up to and including episode 45, I don’t recommend reading this hehe~

I’m not a total sap, but there are some anime that just make me sob. I’m talking Grave of the Fireflies, Sword Art Online, and now even f*cking SAILOR MOON!!!

Sailor Moon is one of the happiest anime out there, but Episode 45 made me cry…It’s even called “The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle”.


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First Post!!!

*goes Hinata-style* “W-well…welcome…to my…uh…blog…”

I hope you like my blog. Expect big things from it!Image