Sailor Moon Episode #45 made me cry…

WARNING: The following post contains MAJOR spoilers for the Sailor Moon anime. If you haven’t seen up to and including episode 45, I don’t recommend reading this hehe~

I’m not a total sap, but there are some anime that just make me sob. I’m talking Grave of the Fireflies, Sword Art Online, and now even f*cking SAILOR MOON!!!

Sailor Moon is one of the happiest anime out there, but Episode 45 made me cry…It’s even called “The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle”.


So basically, the Sailor Senshi all go to find the entrance to the Dark Kingdom, which ends up being at D-point North Pole or something. Queen Beryl hears of this, and sends out a team of Youma called the DD Girls (I don’t think any innuendo is intended there…)

The first thing that happens, is that an illusion of Tuxedo Kamen calling for help while strung up and beaten appears. Usagi is fooled and runs for him twice in a row and so the other senshi must restrain her while avoiding tentacle attacks (not the hentai kind). Sailor Jupiter goes to destroy the illusion but it then takes on the form of Motoki-san, and she hesitates. The Youma take this opportunity to grab her with the tentacles and lift her into the air. And here’s where it all goes to hell…

Jupiter is electrified by the Youma, but she fights back with her own “Supreme Thunder”. However, she is hit in the process, and then she DIES in-front of the warriors.



The other senshi die in quick and depressing succession. Before Mercury leaves she slaps the now hysterical Sailor Moon (to both their surprise) and then goes off to try and thwart the Youma’s plans alone. Of course she doesn’t succeed. She does see past the illusion of Urawa, but the Youma overpower her. Before she dies, she does succeed in breaking the illusion-youma’s power.



Sailor Moon senses the death, and pounds the icy ground in frustration and upset, only to be saved by Venus from a trap beneath the ice. Venus is taken underground and tortured, though manages to use “Crescent Beam” to defeat two of them before she is left a limp body on the ice.


Now only Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon remain, and let me tell you that after this episode, I really started to like Sailor Mars. Before this I didn’t care much for her, but now I feel completely different.

She tells Sailor Moon it’s been fun and that she won’t die, giving her a cheerful smile before she goes off to fight the remaining Youma and…dies.


R-Rei-chan…I’m sorry I never really liked you! I take it back!



Over the course of the episode, Sailor Moon becomes more and more heartbroken, even offering to hand over the ginzuisho several times. It’s only when the after-images (ghosts?) of her friends come back one last time to encourage her that she feels her determination return. And we get a final glance at an evil Endymion (his eyes are cloudy, it’s bad alright!) before the episode ends.

I genuinely started crying while Sailor Mars was dying. What a sad episode! Well I hoped you enjoyed my post of dead Sailor Warriors (you sick people). One more episode to go, here’s hoping there’s an epic final fight.

~*sniff* bye

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