Sword Art Online DUB, enduring the Bleach Bount Arc and other rambles…


After what seems like…quarter of a year or so…Sword Art Online is finally getting dubbed, and aired on the American Toonami channel. Unfortunately, I don’t get that channel where I live, so I won’t see it aired on TV. I will however, be checking it out online.


You can check it out too here:


I’m not so sure about Cherami Leigh as the voice of Asuna, but the rest of the casting seems pretty solid. Thankfully we’ve all learned from 4Kids mistakes, and it’s unlikely any part of SAO dubbed will be censored. Even episode 24…0_0 is that…really something for the general audience?


We all feel your pain buddy…

Actually, someone already fan-dubbed it (I OWN NOTHING these wonderful people made it-and the videos above are not mine either):


Enough links for now, time to move on to the next topic….


Okay…I don’t HATE it, but the Bount Arc in Bleach feels really stupid, pointless and clunky. Even the animation and dialogue is half-assed. What the hell? Oh, and the character designs? Massive MEH they are really pretty crap. The leader isn’t even designed well. Ugh…I cannot wait for this hell to be over. I’m a completionist though so hell I must endure.


I’m re-reading/reading what was left of Fruits Basket! I’ve rekindled my love for Furuba, I must say it’s heart-warming to see familiar faces again. Our local library has up to volume 15 which is especially handy. What are my favourite characters?

Fruits_Basket_Kyo_Sohma_wig_ver_01-4-05 Haru___Fruits_Basket_by_bBy_gurL images (1)

Also, I prefer the manga art to the anime art. Sue me.

What else…well, in the process of moving house and exams I’ve been fairly busy, but not so busy I can’t make time for finishing Sailor Moon (I cried again) and watching more Nostalgia Critic.

~bai bai

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