DRAMAtical Murder~First Impressions






I like DRAMAtical Murder. Nitro+chiral succeeded in creating a simultaneously intriguing and sexy game back in 2013. Naturally, a boy’s love game with a host of gorgeous bishonen and explicit sex scenes was bound to be a hit among the fangirls when it got exposure in the West, I being one of them. It’s no surprise then that this got an anime adaptation. Given the amount of crap that gets turned into anime these days, this one was actually justified. I don’t mean to say that every basis for other anime adaptations is crap, it’s just that when you see yet ANOTHER production based off of a mediocre light novel, you can’t really hold your hopes too high.

So, back to DRAMAtical Murder. All in all, the first episode was good. The animation outside of the Rhyme sequences isn’t anything special with regards to fluidity, but the anime maintains the bright and crisp visuals introduced in the rainbow-colored original. If I had any major complaint though, it would be the opening and ending songs. The opening was literally horrendous enough that I nearly removed my earphones from my ears, and the ending wasn’t much better, making me feel like I was going to drop off into sleep. It was a missed opportunity to create a funky, stylized opening to match the feel of the anime, and instead was very forgettable and vomit-inducing. Thankfully the rest of the OST is rather pleasing to listen to.

Story-wise, it seems that the show is following the common route from the game so far, so hopefully no utter tragedy will befall our beloved characters. The first episode seemed to simply exist to establish every single character that Aoba will encounter, practically, and the show seems to be catering mainly to the already existing fanbase, but I have few complaints, and eagerly anticipate the next episode.

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